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What is Le Painted Grape?

Le Painted Grape is an International mobile Art Party company teaching Glass Painting Classes at local venues. We have both Public Paint Parties at local venues like Wine Bars and Restaurants, as well as Private Events like Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and Bridal Showers!

Le Painted Grape is owned by Pam Lester - The Glass Painting Gal. Our company is different than most other paint party companies, as we use only Glasses for our parties. We use Wine Glasses, Mason Jars, Beer Steins, Glass Coffee Mugs, Glass Plates, Wine Bottles & More!

What is the Le Painted Grape Partner Program?

We want to show you how to teach glass painting in-person classes in your local area. Have fun, be creative, and get paid to do it! We also go over Online/Virtual Glass Painting Parties - which is especially helpful in what's going on in the world right now!


It's easy to get started with us!

Through our Partner Program, we show you how to:

* Book Events (we show you how to contact venues - and guide you how to work with them)

* Paint Glass Designs for your parties (we send you at least 2 full glass painting tutorials each month along with instructions, templates, materials list, promotional graphics and more)

*Teach Classes (you will go through a comprehensive training program help you be successful. Our step-by-step teaching method guides you through the process)

* Market Classes (we have a marketing program and guide you through the process, you'll be surprised how easy it is!) We show you how to fill those seats!

*Enjoy Your Free Time (you work your own hours and schedule. you can do this in as little as a few hours a week)

* Enjoy Your Paycheck (there is great earning potential by teaching Glass Paint Parties in your area - and we show you how!)

* Connect with others (you receive access to our private FB group to connect with, share, and get support from others)

This really is a great opportunity to do something you love and make money while doing it. There is no selling, no multi-level marketing, franchise, no catalogs. You simply get to be creative and get paid for leading a group through classes.

Already teaching Paint Parties!?

Add our Glass Painting Classes to your services!! This program is for you too! Join our Partner Program and receive all the benefits and resources, plus licensing for our designs and step by step tutorials! Regardless if you are new to the business, or an established company - our Partner Plan is perfect for you.

Your earning potential is awesome! We want to empower women and men to start their own business - and we give you all the tools to do it!


Private Event with 10 attendees: $350 (for a 2 hour class!)

Public Event with 20 attendees: $600 (for a 2 hour class!)

Private Event with 30 attendees: $1050 (for a 2 hours class!)

There is no limit to how many classes you can have - you determine your schedule. We also show you how to expand your area should you wish to have an assistant to help with demand -which increases your earning potential!

Here's some of what you receive for being part of the Le Painted Grape Partner Program:

Sign up for our Partner Program and you will become part of our team! You will receive all of the following and much more!

  • Access to our Design Library: We provide you with 2 new glass painting design tutorials each month, and sometimes bonus ones as well! You will also have access to all the previous design tutorials issued to you as long as you are a Partner with us.Tutorials include step by step instructions, materials list, applicable templates/stencils, and tutorial videos.
  • Le Painted Grape Painting School: We go in depth about glass painting and show you all the ins, outs, how-to's, and tips for painting glass. From the correct paints to use, to the types of glasses and how to dry them, we show you all the secrets. Bonus: We also go through a popular floral design step by step in a detailed tutorial of how to do glass painting.
  • Le Painted Grape Partner Training: Now that you've learned all the tips and secrets of how to PAINT glasses, next we have an in depth, detailed training about how to TEACH the paint party classes. Everything from how to set up tickets, marketing, venues to contact, scripts of how to reach out to places, private events and fundraisers, as well as how to pack a mobile kit and how to teach the actual classes - plus much much more!
  • Access to our Private FB group: You'll also receive access to our private Facebook group where you will receive additional training, support, and can have discussions with your peers. Also a great place to network and form new friendships!
  • Online Promotional Materials: You will receive an ongoing supply of scripts, custom images for your use, templates, marketing images, and more!
  • Supply Sources: We provide you with sources to purchase supplies if you need them. We also have kits and glass painting materials available.
  • Ongoing Coaching and Resources: You will receive group coaching from the Owner of Le Painted Grape, Pam Lester - The Glass Painting Gal. Each month you are provided with bonus resources to help you be successful in your Glass Paint Party business like marketing resources, venue ideas, how-to's and more! You will also receive bonuses from occasional guest speakers to the group that will also provide valuable business and paint party resources and info. Regardless if you are just starting out, or are an existing professional - being a Partner with Le Painted Grape will be a valuable resource for you.
  • Training and Resources on both In-Person glass painting parties, and Online/Virtual glass painting parties

How do I get started!?

To join, click the "Join Now" button below!

  • Please read through all of the information, including the FAQ section before signing up for our Partner Program so you are familiar with the steps to participate, and details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to this and haven't taught a paint party or a class like this before, can I still do this?
Yes, we guide you through step by step and train you. We also have ongoing coaching to keep you on track. You will have access to a glass painting course, as well as a glass paint party business course, and much much more!
Do I need to be in the US?
No, our Partner Program is available anywhere in the US and Internationally.
What if I have my own supplies? Do I have to purchase supplies if I already have my own stuff?
Great! A lot of our Partners are artists and have their own supplies. You are not required to purchase from us, and can use your own supplies. We have optional kits and supplies available.
What if I don't have my own supplies, do you have an option for that?
Yes, we have starter supply kits available, as well as other supplies to get you started if you are new to glass painting, or new to the paint party business.
Do I have to only teach Glass Painting, or can I add this to the the other art classes that I already teach, like Canvas Painting Parties?
No, this is not exclusive, and you can add our classes along with any other classes you want to teach.
Do I sign a contract?
No we don't have an official contract, but you agree to our program's rules and terms when you join.
Do I have to meet any minimums, or are there any penalties/fees for not doing a certain amount of classes.
Our new Partner Program does not have any minimum requirements that you need to meet. We encourage you to do your best, but don't set any requirements to meet. (Although we encourage Goal Setting!)
Can I use my own glasses, or do I have to buy them through you.
Yes, you can use your own glasses. We also have a resource list of vendors that we provide you where you can purchase your glasses and supplies from, but it is not required. You can use whichever brand/source you'd like.
Will I be an employee of Le Painted Grape?
No, you will be a 1099 Independent Contractor.
Do I need to have my own business set up?
No, you can operate as an individual, but we recommend you set up your own business. We have a training showing you the steps and details of how to set things up if you haven't already.
Will I be operating as a Le Painted Grape Instructor, or under the Le Painted Grape company name?
No, as a Partner, you will be doing the local paint parties under your own name or business. You will be teaching our class methods, and our designs - but under your own name.
If I have an existing paint party company, can I be a Partner?
Yes, we encourage you to have your own company set up, and you can definitely add our classes/designs to your existing services.
I applied before under your old program, but things look a lot different now, and I am wanting to start. Can I still sign up?
Yes, if you've applied in the past, or even worked with us before - you are still eligible for our new Partner Program.
Is this flexible, and do I have to work certain hours. Can I do this Part time, or is it Full time?
Yes it's flexible, you create your own schedule. You do not have to work certain hours - you set the classes around your own schedule. You can do this either part time or full time, it's up to you. You work your own hours and can work as much or as little as you want! There is no limit to the number of classes you can have - it's up to you!
How is the Partner Program different than the Area Execs that I've heard about
An LPG Area Exec is assigned an area and teaches Le Painted Grape Branded classes through our company in various cities across the US. They sign a 6 month minimum contract and have a revenue split. They also receive a company webpage, LPG email address, phone number with ext, and one on one coaching as well as various other benefits and resources. The Partner Program is different in that there is no contract time commitment, there is no revenue percentage split, and you aren't assigned a specific area. As an LPG Partner, you are teaching classes under your own name/company instead of through Le Painted Grape. LPG Partners also aren't required to sign a non compete agreement or a non solicitation agreement, and are allowed to purchase outside supplies if they wish. Also a supply kit isn't required for our LPG Partners.
So what is the cost to join the Partner Program?
The cost is $37/mo. It's a month to month program and you can cancel at any time. (but we'd love to have you stay on as a partner with us!) There are no other required fees or costs involved.
Can I use other glasses than a wine glass?
Yes! Our designs can be used on many different glass types: Wine Glasses, Stemless Wine Glasses, Mason Jar Mugs, Beer Steins, Glass Coffee/Tea Mugs, Water Glasses, Champagne Flutes & More! We even show you design tutorials on Glass Plates and Wine Bottles!
Do I have a specific schedule or hours that I need to work?
No, you are setting your own hours and schedule. We don't schedule classes for you - we show you how to do everything, and you're the one that puts it into place in your local area. You will schedule the events directly with the venues and guests.
Is there a specific location that I will be working at/through?
No, we are a mobile art party company and we teach you how to hold your own classes in your area at local venues. You'll be scheduling classes at various wine bars, restaurants, and venues. You'll be scheduling the events directly between yourself and the venues. We have a whole section of training dedicated to how to work with venues, scripts, email templates, guides, and lists of specific types of venues to reach out to.
Do you provide us with leads & referals?
We get lots of people who contact us directly looking to book events in their area, and we sometimes forward leads to our Partners. We also receive many requests from venues looking to hold events at their locations, and can forward those to our Partners as well. We also show you how to get leads for your area, how to find venues, how to fill the seats, and how to find private events.
Currently Unavailable Areas:
We currently have some existing Le Painted Grape Area executives that have assigned areas. Please note that you are not able to teach classes in the following areas through the Le Painted Grape Partner Program. This list is subject to change and will be getting smaller as we convert some Area Executives to our new Partner Program. Royce City TX, Greenville TX, Arlington TX, San Antonio TX, Frisco TX, Plano TX, Pflugerville TX, San Angelo TX, Mansfield/Burleson TX, Denton TX, Fredericksburg TX, Palm Springs CA, Napa Valley CA, Fallbrook/Oceanside CA, Northern San Diego CA, Whittier CA, Los Angeles CA, Lake Norman NC, Peoria, IL Salt Lake City UT, Kitsap County WA, Gig Harbor WA, Savannah GA, Palm Beach County FL, Effingham County GA, Huntsville AL, Springfield MA, Louisville KY
Is there a time commitment involved?
No, this is a month to month program and you can cancel at any time. You won't be refunded for the month that you are currently in, and the cancellation will take place for the next month.


Please read through all of the information, including the FAQ section before signing up for our Partner Program so you are familiar with the steps to participate, and details.

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