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Learn how to Teach Wine Glass Painting Parties!!!!

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Hi! My name is Pam Lester, and I am happy to teach you How to Start and Run Your Own Wine Glass Painting Party Business!! I have been teaching wine glass painting classes for over 10 years.

I am the owner of Le Painted Grape, where I teach group classes for guests with public/ private wine glass painting classes in wine bars and restaurants.

I also own and run Glass Painting Gal where I show individuals how to paint on glassware, and teach others How to Start and Run their Own Wine Glass Painting Party Business!!

I am also a proud, single mom to two amazing daughters! They encourage me always, and have also been great helpers with my classes and business ventures. I am also mom to 3 cute pups, 2 cats, and a horse!

What will I learn with this course?

You will learn How To Start & Run Your Own Paint Party Business with Teaching Wine Glass Painting Parties! #ThinkOutsideTheCanvas

It's easy to get started!

* Book Events (we show you how to contact venues - and guide you how to work with them)

* How to Paint on glassware (we have a course where we teach you how to paint on glass, what paints and brushes to use, and how to dry the glasses! We also show you all the tips to painting on glass)

* Step by Step Tutorials (we show you step by step tutorials for 2 of our most popular designs. You will also receive the commercial license to for these designs so you can utilize them in your classes!)

*Teach Classes (Online and/or In-person) (you will go through a comprehensive training program help you be successful. Our step-by-step teaching method guides you through the process)

* Market Classes (we have a marketing program and guide you through the process, you'll be surprised how easy it is!) We show you how to fill those seats!

*Enjoy Your Free Time (you work your own hours and schedule. you can do this in as little as a few hours a week)

* Enjoy Your extra income (there is great earning potential by teaching Glass Paint Parties in your area - and we show you how!)

This really is a great opportunity to do something creative and make money while doing it. There is no selling, no multi-level marketing, no franchise, no catalogs, no purchase requirements, no required levels, and no earnings split. You keep 100% of your earnings! You simply get to be creative and can earn extra income from running your own Wine Glass Paint Party Business!

Already teaching Paint Parties!?

Add Glass Painting Classes to your services!! This program is for you too! Join our program and receive all the benefits and resources! Regardless if you are new to the business, or an established company - this course is perfect for you. If you already have an established business and aren't in need of this business course but want the design tutorials - you might want to just sign up for our Design Library Access, where you can have access to our designs and tutorials to use for your classes!

Teaching Paint Parties Changed My Life!?

When I say that teaching wine glass painting parties changed my life, I am not joking!! Some people start side businesses to earn extra income to pay off bills like credit cards, cars, to help with groceries, or even to pay the mortgage. Others do it because they live paycheck to paycheck and don't have any extra money to do or buy the things they really want. Well I personally did it for BOTH reasons! I am a single mom, so having the money to pay my bills and take care of my kids was the first priority. But I was also living paycheck to paycheck and wanted to have money to do fun stuff - like traveling!!

Here are some of the places that it's taken me in the last few years:


Stonehenge, UK





I NEVER thought that I would be able to travel, but I set a goal for myself and did it!! By starting my own Wine Glass Painting Party Business, I was able to travel the world - literally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can too, just sign up and start today and see where it will take you!

Your earning potential is awesome! We want to empower others to start and run their own business - and we give you all the tools to do it! There is a minimal start up cost to running this business and almost NO overhead!! No products to stock and no products to sell! You simply purchase a few painting supplies and spend a few hours a month teaching classes at venues in your area!!

Examples of what you can earn:

1 Private Event with 10 attendees: up to $350 (for a 2 hour class!) That's a car payment!

1 Public Event with 20 attendees: up to $600 (for a 2 hour class!) That could be groceries for the month!

1 Private Event with 30 attendees: up to $1050 (for a 2 hour class!) That's almost half of your rent!

1 Online/Virtual Event with 30 attendees: up to $415 (for a 2 hour class!) That is your kid's dance classes!

4 Public Classes for the month w/ 30 attendees ea.: up to $3,600 (for about 6 hours of work for the month!)

There is no limit to how many classes you can teach - you determine your schedule.

Here's some of what you learn with the course/program:

You will receive access to all of the following - and much more!

  • Painting School: We go in depth about glass painting and show you all the ins, outs, how-to's, and tips for painting glass. From the correct paints to use, to the types of glasses and how to dry them, we show you all the secrets. Bonus: We also go through 2 popular floral designs step by step in a detailed tutorial of how to do glass painting - and how to teach it to others!
  • How to teach Wine Glass Painting Classes Training: Now that you've learned all the tips and secrets of how to PAINT glasses, next we have an in depth, detailed training about how to TEACH the paint party classes. Everything from how to set up tickets, marketing, venues to contact, scripts of how to reach out to places, private events and fundraisers, as well as how to pack a mobile kit and how to teach the actual classes - plus how to teach Online/Virtual Paint Parties!
  • Marketing and Promotional Resources: You will receive scripts, custom images for your use, templates, marketing images, sample emails, sample contracts, marketing guidelines, and more!
  • Supply and Material List: We provide you with a list of what supplies you will need to conduct your classes, and where to get them. All of the supplies can be found online, or in stores near you.
  • Coaching Videos, Guides, and Resources: You will receive resources to help you be successful in your Glass Paint Party business like marketing resources, venue ideas, how-to's and more! Regardless if you are just starting out, or are an existing professional - this course will be a valuable resource for you.
  • Training and Resources on both In-Person glass painting parties, and Online/Virtual glass painting parties

How do I get started!?

To join, click the "Join Now" button below!

  • Please read through all of the information, including the FAQ section below before signing up. All of the instruction and resources in this course is valued at over $1500. The cost to join the course/program is only a one-time fee of $99!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to this and haven't taught a paint party or a class like this before, can I still do this?
Yes, we guide you through step by step and train you. You will have access to a glass painting course, as well as a glass paint party business course, and much much more!
Do I need to be in the US?
No, this course is available anywhere in the US and Internationally.
What if I have my own supplies? Do I have to purchase supplies if I already have my own stuff?
Great! A lot of our Partners are artists and have their own supplies. You are not required to purchase from us, and can use your own supplies.
Do I have to only teach Glass Painting, or can I add this to the the other art classes that I already teach, like Canvas Painting Parties?
No, this is not exclusive, and you can add our classes along with any other classes you want to teach.
Do I sign a contract?
No we don't have an official contract, but you agree to our program's rules and terms when you join. You can not share or redistribute this course in part or whole.
Do I have to meet any minimums, or are there any penalties/fees for not doing a certain amount of classes.
You are starting your own Paint Party business and our course shows you how to do that. We do not have any minimum requirements that you need to meet. We encourage you to do your best, but don't set any requirements to meet. (Although we encourage Goal Setting!)
Can I use my own glasses, or do I have to buy them through you.
Yes, you can use your own glasses. We also have a resource list of vendors that we provide you where you can purchase your glasses and supplies from, but it is not required. You can use whichever brand/source you'd like.
Will I be an employee of, or affiliated with Le Painted Grape or Glass Painting Gal?
No, you will be running your own Paint Party Business and will be responsible for registering your business, local permits, and your own taxes
Do I need to have my own business set up?
No, you can operate as an individual, but we recommend you set up your own business. You can create a partnership or an LLC, but we recommend at least getting a DBA (doing business as) for your company.
Will I be operating as a Le Painted Grape Instructor, or under the Le Painted Grape company name?
No, you will be doing the local paint parties under your own name or business. You will be using what you learn in this course to teach your own classes - but under your own business name. You do not have permission or license to use the Le Painted Grape name or logo.
If I have an existing paint party company, can I use this course?
Yes, we encourage you to have your own company set up, and you can definitely add what you learn to your existing services.
I applied before under your old program, but things look a lot different now, and I am wanting to start. Can I still sign up?
Yes, if you've applied in the past, or even worked with us before - you are still eligible to purchase this program and to start your own Wine Glass Painting Party Business!!
Is this flexible, and do I have to work certain hours. Can I do this Part time, or is it Full time?
Yes it's flexible, you create your own schedule. You do not have to work certain hours - you set the classes around your own schedule. You can do this either part time or full time, it's up to you. You work your own hours and can work as much or as little as you want! There is no limit to the number of classes you can have - it's up to you!
So what is the cost to sign up for this course/program?
The cost is a one-time fee of $99. Our course and it's contents are valued at over $1500!!!!
Can I use other glasses than a wine glass?
Yes! Our designs can be used on many different glass types: Wine Glasses, Stemless Wine Glasses, Mason Jar Mugs, Beer Steins, Glass Coffee/Tea Mugs, Water Glasses, Champagne Flutes & More!
Do I have a specific schedule or hours that I need to work?
No, you are setting your own hours and schedule. We don't schedule classes for you - we show you how to do everything, and you're the one that puts it into place in your local area. You will schedule the events directly with the venues and guests.
Is there a specific location that I will be working at/through?
No, we teach you how to hold your own mobile classes in your area at local venues. You'll receive training on how to schedule and book classes at various wine bars, restaurants, and venues. You'll be scheduling the events directly between yourself and the venues. We have a whole section of training dedicated to how to work with venues, scripts, email templates, guides, and lists of specific types of venues to reach out to. And if you are doing Online/Virtual Events - you can get attendees from anywhere!
Do you provide us with leads & how do we get our participants?
No, we show you how to get customers how to market your classes. The program includes training of how to market, get leads for your area, how to find venues, how to fill the seats, and how to find private events!
Do I need a camera and special equipment for the Virtual/Online Classes?
No, you don't need any special equipment, just your smartphone and our designs. You don't need any special software and we show you how to set up, market and run your online class. You don't need a lot of space, and can do it from your kitchen table!
What is the cost for guests to attend?
We recommend 25pp for 1 glass or 30pp for 2 glasses for the cost of the class to guests for in-person classes. For Virtual/Online classes we recommend setting the price at $15pp.
For Online/Virtual Events, do guests need their own supplies?
Yes, guests will need supplies to complete the class. You will provide the guest with a supply list once they register. Guests can use their own supplies/purchase from a store - or you can even choose to send supplies to them. It's up to you.
Is there a revenue split, or do I need to pay you a portion of my earnings?
No, there is no revenue split. You keep 100% of your class earnings.
What is the pay/earnings?
There is no set rate. Since you are setting up your own classes, your earnings depends on how many classes you teach and how many guests sign up. You will receive a payout directly from whichever company you choose to process your payments (example: Eventbrite) or from the guests directly (usually via paypal). They usually pay out 1-5 days after your class ends, and the full payment for your classes will go directly to you. We don't have any revenue sharing - you keep 100% of your earnings! Examples of what you can earn: *In-person Event with 30 attendees: $600 (for a 2 hour class! @$30pp). *Online/Virtual Event with 30 attendees: $415 (for a 2 hour class! @$15pp). And those examples of earnings for just ONE class! We make no guarantee of earnings or success with the course.
Am I guaranteed a certain number of classes?
No, you will learn how to start and run your own paint party business, so the number of classes you teach is entirely up to you. We provide you with the resources and information on how to do it, but you are the one that puts that information into action.
Am I guaranteed a certain amount of earnings each month?
We make no guarantee of earnings or success. Your earning potential and success depend entirely on the amount of time and effort that you put into starting & running your own paint party business. We provide you with information, training, coaching, and resources - but it's up to you to put it into action.


Please read through all of the information, including the FAQ section before signing up for the course.

Le Painted Grape/Glass Painting Gal makes no guarantee of earnings or success. Your earning potential and success depends entirely on the amount of time and effort that you put into starting & running your own paint party business. We provide you with information, training, coaching, and resources - but it's up to you to put it into action.

The cost is a one time fee of $99. No refunds.

Get started now!